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Dr. Rick Carter - McClure, PHD, MFT, LICDC, MBA

Out Gay Therapist with 22 Years Experience

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Dr. Rick Carter - McClure, PHD, MFT, LICDC, MBA

NV, OH and CA Licensed Psychotherapist/Counselor



CALIFORNIA License #38540

NEVADA License #01448



I am very passionate about what I do. I thoroughly enjoy facilitating challenging and interactive solution-focused, “modern-day therapy”, to further personal insight, responsibility and empowerment. Although I believe that the past (which we will definitely delve into frequently during the process) is instrumental in making sense of “how we got to where we are now”, A lot of my focus is about exploring what your life looks like today, helping you figure out where you want to go in the future, and determining what steps will be necessary to quickly get you on your way to your “desired life”.

I love helping people get “unstuck”. I strongly believe that we have the potential to live more productive, peaceful and satisfying lives when we learn to tap into our available resources. However, we first must realize that therapy is not magical. I am not here to manage your life or take responsibility for “fixing it”. I will help you discover and fine-tune your own life skills so that you believe, with conviction, that you are capable of taking care of your adult self.

We are ultimately responsible for creating our own lives and making changes to accomplish that which we desire. We are powerful beings that can make significant changes once we accept “reality” and responsibility for our choices and take necessary actions to manifest desirable outcomes. In order to build self-esteem, efficacy, confidence and trust, we must first break our unhealthy patterns, distorted thinking, self-defeating beliefs and addictions. I will do my best to give you effective tools whereby you are able to implement strategies to make lasting changes. We do ourselves such harm when we take on the role of a “victim” in life, whether blatantly or subtly. Remember, you have to be willing to apply insight by taking action in your life. In order to make profound changes, you must accept personal responsibility for those changes and the willingness to walk through your fears, recognizing that anything worth having, takes dedication, sacrifice and self-discipline. Insight = Knowledge; Action = Wisdom.

Bio for Dr. Rick Carter - McClure, PhD, LMFT, LCADC, MBA

Rick Carter - McClure, PhD, MFT, began his professional career in Marketing and Management Information Systems with Gerber Baby Foods in 1986, after graduating from Central Michigan University. During his tenure at Gerber, Rick earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Wayne State University with a concentration in marketing and finance. After a few years in the corporate world, he became disenchanted with his professional life and gravitated towards his burgeoning interest in psychology, philosophy and spiritual seeking.

Dr Carter - McClure earned his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT) from Antioch University in Los Angeles, graduating in April of 2000. He spent his intern years working with a panoply of clients in myriad settings before commencing his work as a private practice psychotherapist in West Hollywood in 2002. During his 20-year career, Rick has also worked part time in a variety of capacities to include Program Director, Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor, Group Leader and Quality Assurance Manager. He also worked extensively in the field of addiction. Rick has utilized his extensive experience to treat hundreds of clients who have dealt with problematic behaviors, compulsions and habits related to substance and drug abuse, myriad forms of sexual acting out, gambling, eating disorders and so forth. Rick worked with a number of addiction experts at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles where he was able to learn and apply a number of addiction strategies that would treat the individual, rather than apply one method to treat all who clients who had sought help due to unhealthy compulsions and habitual behaviors.

Rick specializes in working with heterosexual men and has also worked with hundreds of straight couples using a number of modalities to help clients build skills related to communication, intimacy and sexual relations. Dr. Carter - McClure has noted a significant trend where men are feeling lost/weak in relationships with more dominant women. These couples struggle with intimacy and often argue incessantly, lacking the skills to understand each other's frustration. The majority of women have told me through the years that they prefer stronger men. Many women have also struggled with male partners who are enmeshed with their mothers, further complicating their ability to fully invest in their own marriage/relationship. Dr. Carter - McClure was regularly featured as a couple’s expert for ABC News in Los Angeles during the early part of his private practice career.

Rick has treated a number of men who have presented with issues related to codependency, people-pleasing, low self-esteem and lack of a solid sense of self. Many of these men have not had good male role models who demonstrated healthy masculinity which has left many men feeling lost, confused, and powerless in a society that often vilifies them. Many men have encountered challenges with leaving their families of origin and finding purpose/meaning in their adult lives (Failure to Launch). Many men have also reported that their "helicopter" parents and protective mothers have made it more difficult to trust in their own abilities to go out into the world and make their mark, starting their own families. As mentioned before, women struggle with finding men who fully embody healthy masculine qualities that allow them to move from boyhood to manhood. Weak men are often the product of an overly feminized society that has taught them to disavow many traits that empower men to feel confident in their relationships, careers, and society.